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Managed IT Support
Let our team help yours with all the Hardware, Software, Clouds and expertise you need
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Moving To The Cloud ?
Servers and systems don't have to be in your office
Work from anywhere securely
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We Build Software
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Internet Of Things
Connect your business with devices anywhere
Monitor, control and update
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Software Solutions

We design and develop bespoke tailored enterprise software to automate and integrate your business processes. These real-time and database driven systems can integrate existing systems improving efficiencies and use the latest IOT devices available.

Managed IT Support

RedKey provides IT support and management for businesses and schools who wish to outsource some or all of their IT requirements. We manage, monitor and support your on-premises and cloud infrastructure from our office in Kildare. We supply IT equipment, cloud services, licenses, telecoms and consumables.

IT Consultancy

Choosing business technology and understanding your current and future technology options can be challenging. Let our independent consultants help you through the jargon and future proof your decisions and your business. 

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Want to improve your business efficiency through maximise technology?

Whether it’s a new idea or you just need to make things work better, we can help.

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